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Dataminer: League of Legends Ahri to receive balance changes following visual update Rumors

League of Legends developers have plans to adjust Ahri's ability kit, together with her incoming art rework. Three of her skills will receive balance changes, according to dataminer Spiderexe who detailed these updates on Twitter.

Ahri balance changes

  • (Q) — mana cost increased from 55 — 95 to 60 — 100
  • (Q) — AP ratio per hit reduced from 45% to 40%
  • (E) — cooldown reduced from 14 seconds to 12
  • (E) — charm duration increased from 1.2 — 2 seconds to 1.4 — 2
  • (R) — cooldown reduced from 140 — 90 seconds to 130 — 80
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Supposedly, Ahri's balance changes will come out in patch 13.2, on January 24. This is when her new visuals will be added to the game. Previously, Riot Games released patch 13.1. The developers buffed Jayce and Lissandra and nerfed K'Sante and Dr. Mundo, along with other champion changes.

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