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Riot Games announces where Worlds and MSI 2023 will take place, along with format changes for both

Riot Games revealed the locations for both Worlds and Mid-Season Invitational 2023. There are also drastic format changes for these tournaments coming this season too. The information appeared on the Lolesports website, provided by a cinematic celebrating the start of the season.

MSI 2023 location and format

The MSI 2023 event will be held in London. It will feature 13 teams instead of the previous 11 participants. They will compete in the new format with double-elimination playoffs.

  • Play-in: eight teams, two GSL groups of four teams. Two group winners advance, along with a winner of additional series between the second placements.
  • Bracket Stage (playoffs): Double elimination format, bo5 series.
  • Invites: five teams go directly to the Bracket stage, one slot per major region league, with two for LCK as the winners at Worlds 2022.
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Worlds 2023 location and format

Worlds 2023 will return to Korea. The event's format was also reworked, featuring a Swiss stage instead of Groups. 22 teams will get to participate in the tournament.

  • New Worlds Qualifying series: a single bo5 match between 4th places of LEC and LCS. The winner advances to Play-in.
  • Play in: two bo3 double-elimination groups of four. Two winners advance to Swiss Stage.
  • Invites: two best teams from both VCS and PCS. One best team from LLA, CBLOL, and LJL each.
  • Swiss Stage: random seeding, all matches are bo1, elimination matches are bo3.
  • Invites: 4 best LPL and LCK teams, 3 best LEC and LCS teams.
  • Knockout Stage (playoffs): eight teams, single elimination, bo5 series.
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World Championship 2023 World Championship 2023

MSI 2023 MSI 2023

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