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Rekkles's ex-coach reveals he had behavior issues: "If you bench him, you can't sell him the following year because people'd understand that he is problematic" Rumors

Karmine Corp's former head coach Yanis "Striker" Kella came out on Twitter to share some details about the behavior of Martin "Rekkles" Larsson. He claims that star bot lane was disrespectful towards the management and occasionally refused to play scrims.

In one case, Rekkles refused to join the team dinner because his taxi "wasn’t there when he left the airport". The ex-coach said there was no clear solution to Rekkles's behavior issues. "If you bench him, you can't sell him the following year because people would understand that he is problematic."

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On stream, the ex-coach pointed at negative behavior and lack of motivation as the reasons for Karmine Corp's stagnation during the summer split. The opinions on the bot lane strategies also didn't match, for example, Yuumi picks. Although Hantera wasn't against the decision, there were "other negative reactions", which led to picking other champions.

Karmine Corp won European Masters Spring 2022 but didn't do well in the LFL Summer, placing 6th. In December, Rekkles announced his reunion with Fnatic, the organization he played for five years in the past. Striker joined Team BDS.

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