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Ahri ASU hits PBE: all skins, arts and release date Video

Ahri ASU (Art and Sustainability Update) has been released on League of Legends PBE servers. The champion's visuals were reworked, and the release date was announced. The new Ahri will come out on January 24. This information appeared in the game's client.

Here's the video of her new look, compiled by Big Bad Bear, and provided with some art below.

The next big thing on Riot's roadmap is the rework of Aurelion Sol. Somewhere after his addition, we'll get to see the new League of Legends champion, the male enchanter from Ixtal. Big Bad Bear previously revealed that he would be brown-skinned and "look like "Taliyah's little brother" or Harith from Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Source: Riot Games
Cover: Riot Games

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