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Riot Games asks fans which champions to rework in League of Legends in 2023

League of Legends developers want to remake some champions' kits in the following season. But instead of relying on their own judgment, they decided to ask the community. Tim TheTruexy went on Twitter to learn what fans think.

The developer suggested using Swain and Ahri mid-scope updates as positive examples. The champions were reworked in patches 12.8 and 12.3.

Fans came out with several ideas, including champions such as Annie, Nocturne, Cho'Gath, Jayce, Morgana, and Zyra. Of course, there's no guarantee that the developers will actually pick one of these.

There are already a few characters with mid-scope updates in development. The renewed Jax is supposed to arrive with patch 13.1, with Rell to follow up in a later update.

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