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League of Legends 12.19 final patchnotes details: Master Yi and Rek'Sai nerf, Syndra adjustment

Riot Games has shared the final balance changes for League of Legends patch 12.19. The developers addressed 19 champions, including Kai'Sa and Tahm Kench. It will be available for download on the night of October 5th.

Riot Games will also change Eclipse and add new skins for the Spirit Blossom line. Sett, Aphelios, Darius, Master Yi, Evelynn, Soraka, Syndra, Tristana, and Yorick will also get new cosmetics.

Previously, Riot Games revealed what to expect in season 2023. Chemtake drake will make its return to Summoner's Rift as well as 12 new items and the new jungling companions. There were also secret items with changes to teleportation discovered in the builds but they will not arrive in the nearby future.

League of Legends patch 12.19 details: big changes for Syndra, some "surprise" buffs for off-meta builds

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