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Riot Games accidently show new LoL secret items that allow teleporting, Boots of Teleportation and Sword in the Stone

League of Legends may get two new teleporting items in the future, which can have a huge impact on the way the game is played. These secret items were spotted by fans while observing preseason changes.

Boots of Teleportation cost 1200 and they allow to channel 4-second teleportation to a friendly unit, minion, or champion. This is exactly the way the Dota 2 item with the similar name Boots of Travel works. Another one is called Sword in the Stone has a similar ability, along with stat bonuses, and costs 3400.

After the discovery of these, fans started guessing if Riot Games wants to remove Teleport entirely and connect it to various items in the game, which would free up inventory slots. It's also important that both items have a 240-second cooldown instead of a 360.

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However, Riot Games designer Phlox denied that the boots of the sword would be added to the game. He said this was an early development idea related to "toplane stuff." He doesn't completely exclude that possibility in the future though.


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