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Vietnamese teams risk missing Worlds 2022. Yes, again, this time because of visas

Both VCS teams qualified for Worlds 2022 have issues with their visas. GAM's application was declined by the US embassy, while Saigon Buffalo still didn't get proper papers for Mexico. Esports journalist Dat Nguyen shared this information, citing a Vietnamese website.

GAM will apply for the second time, but it is only possible after 14 days. GAM qualified for the Group Stage, which starts on October 7.

GAM still have a chance to get the US visa. According to the rules, they'll have to wait for another 14 days to re-apply for the VISA. This means they'll have to wait until Sep 24 to know if they will be able to join Worlds 2022.

Dat Nguyen

The global head of LoL esports at Riot Games, Naz Aletaha, stated that they started working with US officials to fix these problems.

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If they fail to obtain visas, League's World Championship 2022 will become the third in the series to lack Vietnam representatives. In the previous two years, they missed the events because of COVID-19 regulations.

The US-based esports tournaments have been problematic lately because of visa issues. In Dota 2, the last Arlington Major lacked several players and one Chinese team. CS:GO IEM Dallas 2022 had several teams missing.

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