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Report: KOI paid €20 mln to partially own ROGUE and get into LEC. The deal might help them get into Valorant 2023 franchising Rumors

KOI, the organization of famous Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos, paid €20,000,000 to buy out 60% of Rogue. This way, they got themselves a top LEC team as well as a potential slot in Valorant franchising. This was reported by Yuste "Yuste" Armero for Esportmaniacos.

KOI doesn't want to change the way Rogue operates and will probably keep their infrastructure intact. Partially because they do not possess their own, while also because it is working for Rogue.

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Valorant 2023 partnered league application didn't go too well for Rogue, states Yuste. The organization doesn't have a team in the game. If KOI wins a slot, they will enter the franchise league as partners. The Spanish organization is currently competing in the local league.

Rogue finished LEC 2022 Summer on third place and is about to step into the playoffs where they will compete for championship and a slot at Worlds 2022. Riot games will announce VCT partners after Valorant Champions 2022 in September.

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