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No Need Orga player googled counterpick to Olaf in German League grand final

No Need Orga League of Legends player Niklot "Tolkin" Stuber used the google search to counter the opponent's pick. It happened during the fifth card draft with Hertha BSC eSport in the Prime League Second Division 2022 Summer grand final.

NNO's opponents picked Olaf, and the bot lane players asked Tolkin what is good against that. Toper went online to search for a counter pick. The team's jungler Muhammed "Agurin" Kocak also joined the googling and suggested picking Yorick, but Tolkin took Fiora because she had a "52% winrate as well."

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Even though the support player, who told this story, was slightly mad about this style of drafting, Need Orga defeated Hertha 3:2 to win the league. They also got enough points to overcome the opponent by the championship points.

Prime League Second Division 2022 Summer was held online from June 6 to August 24. Ten teams competed for 880 championship points. Interestingly enough, NNO was the worst among playoff teams, finishing the regular season with a record of 9-7, while Hertha had an impressive 14-4 and topped the charts.



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