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Worlds 2017 champion Ambition plans to name his son after Jarvan IV

Chan-yong "Ambition" Kang shared his decision to name his son after the League of Legends champion Jarvan IV that brought him the World Championship 2017 title. He announced it earlier this month, the news was covered by the Korean website Nevar. The baby is expected to be born in December 2022.

There is a twist to this naming, as the boy will be named Jarvan V. By the game's lore, the character is a prince of a long-lasting royal dynasty of the kingdom of Demacia.

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In the Worlds 2017 grand final, Ambition's Samsung Galaxy defeated T1 with a score of 3:0. Kang picked Jarvan IV in the playoffs only twice, with one of the games being a loss. After the end of the tournament, Kang picked the hero for the world champion skin release.

After Samsung Galaxy, Ambition moved to Gen.G, and his career went downhill. They finished at the bottom at the next Worlds event. Kang switched to streaming only a year after winning the most desirable trophy in League of Legends.

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