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DWG KIA fans demand the head coach replacement

Korean fans continue the trend of pressuring their organization. This time it was DAMWON's turn to get under fire. A group of League of Legends fans demanded a replacement or resignation of DWG head coach Yang "Daeny" Dae-in. The situation was covered by Invenglobal, which provided translations to English.

The fans are also unhappy with the way DWG treats them. They put out a long statement, supposedly after a disappointing Q&A session. The team's management picked only a few questions, and the answers didn't satisfy the public. Daeny couldn't provide them with a plan to improve DWG's performance.

It’s clear that the direction provided by Daeny only provides confusion to the players’ gameplay. The players have continuously expressed their confusion on their macro, and have yet to see any improvement over the Spring and Summer split. With the team’s color diminished, they finished much lower in the standings in the Summer than Spring; not only has the team shown regression in their performance, head coach Daeny has failed to provide a detailed solution to such regression.

DWG fans' statement
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DAMWON coaching staff has also Lee "Zefa" Jae-min and Athletic Director Kim "kkOma" Jeong-gyun, both seen as proper replacements for Daeny by the fans. Additionally, the statement demands to improve in content creation and communication with their fans.

We demand that the DWG KIA management provides a solution to such a lack of communication, with a detailed plan on how they’ll do so. Furthermore, we demand that they discard the current one-sided form of communication and that the DWG KIA executives actually answer the questions that the fans have, pool opinions together, and provide the opportunities for mutual communication.

DWG KIA finished fourth in the group stage, losing to T1 in their final match. Their first opponent in the playoffs will be KT Rolster, the organization which has recently suffered from fan harassment.

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