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League of Legends Hexflash respawn bug reverse outcome of DFM match in LJL

The match between Detonation FocusMe and Sengoku Gaming in LJL 2022 Summer had to be remade after the Hexflash bug. The game between the two leaders of the charts was quite important, directly affecting the split results.

Sengoku’s jungler, Jang "Once" Se-young used the Hexflash and respawned instantly after the fight due to a bug. Detonation FocusMe had a massive lead that should bring them the victory when the match was put on pause. During a two-hour break, the LJL admins tried to restore the game using Chronobreak but failed to achieve it, and the game had to be remade.

DFM lead at the moment of pause

The outcome of the second match wasn't in favor of DFM. Sengoku learned their lessons and won the game. After the loss, many players were upset about this result, questioning the competitive integrity of LoL and wondering what would've happened if such a bug occurred in Worlds grand final.

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Japanese League 2022 Summer is running from 24 June to August 17. Eight Japanese teams fight for ~$73,000 prize pool and a spot at Worlds 2022.



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