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League of Legends Patch 12.15 details: Sivir and Master Yi nerfs, Qiyana bug fix

Riot Games revealed the detailed changes of the upcoming 12.15 update for League of Legends. Developers buffed Leona, Rammus, Akali, and other champions. Sivir, Gwen, and Master Yi were nerfed. The game balance lead designer Matt Leung-Harrison posted the description on Twitter and explained some of the adjustments.

The developers feel satisfied with Master Yi's performance at different skill levels but still think he was too strong overall. Most buffs are pursuing repeatability over burst damage.

Qiyana nerf wasn't as big as expected as the developers fixed a bug that made her stronger. They still decided to nerf the damage ratio of her passive ability.

These changes were added to the PBE-server. Patch 12.15 will arrive on August 10. The balancing team lately has been fixing issues to stabilize the meta for the second split playoffs and Worlds 2021.

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