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League of Legends 12.14 patch notes: Yuumi and Renata are nerfed, sustain potions and runes weakened

League of Legends developers shared the full list of changes for patch 12.14. It will include fixes for 18 champions and a decrease in power for sustain potions and runes. The patch will be released on July 27.


The patch was mostly focused on hyper healers and sustain options. Multiple runes had their cooldown increased, while potions will now restore less hp. Chempunk Chainsword, Enchanted Items, and Sunfire Aegis were changed as well, same with Exhaust and Challenging Smite Summoner Spells.

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To increase the priority of early game objectives, Riot Games increased the rewards for early drakes and Rift Herald. Developers felt that players got too comfortable with conceding early objectives to reach their late game conditions.

The patch will be released on July 27. It will be the last big change in the game until Worlds 2022 concludes.

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