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T1 file official lawsuits against a group of Faker's harassers for "slandering his mom"

A Korean law firm representing T1 announced a lawsuit against fans harassing Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok in online comments. They answered questions from local media and later updated their announcement with Q&A.

The lawsuit targets a "specific online community that has continuously and repeatedly harassed Faker via malicious comments." The lawyers claim they found one particular group that produced a "huge chunk" of various insults among others but did not specify if these people were somehow united or not.

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Examples of such comments are "slanders targeted towards Faker’s mother and drawings that would be considered unspeakably foul". The Lawyers stated it falls under the Korean law about insults. A possible punishment may vary from 1-2 mln KRW ($765 to $1530) to an actual jail time. Additionally, Faker may follow this with a civil lawsuit.

According to their statement, Faker and his family members were "suffering on a mental level" because of ongoing harassment. Previously, this law firm filed a similar lawsuit against fans who verbally attacked T1's coach Kim "Moment" Ji-hwan. The case is currently ongoing.

Just recently, the Korean community saw another case of harassment from fans. Unknown people, seemingly united in a group, sent a boxed "deadly weapon" to the KT Rolster training facility, which caused anxiety among the players. The club promised to go to the police.

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