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League of Legends Patch 12.14 details: Gangplank laning adjustments, Renata and Seraphine nerfs

League of Legends developers revealed the detailed changes of upcoming Patch 12.14. As previously mentioned, Zeri, Yummi, Seraphine, and other heroes received nerfs, while Alistar, Varus, Teemo, and others were buffed. The announcement came on Twitter by the game's lead balance designer Matt Leung-Harrison.

Gangplank got some special attention. Riot Games adjusted the champion to make his laning stage less powerful and change his damage outcome with crits.

Patch 12.14 is scheduled for League of Legends on July 27. Previously, the developers revealed the future system adjustments, including dragons durability changes and teleport cooldown nerf. It will be the last big update until Worlds 2022. Until then, League will only receive minor tweaks and balance changes.

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