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Unknown fans send boxed weapon to KT Rolster facility, causing anxiety among players

The Korean organization KT Rolster complained about fans who were harassing the League of Legends roster for some time. According to the team's statement, they received a boxed "deadly weapon" at their training facility followed by numerous photos of weapons. The translation was provided by Korizon journalist Kevin Kim.

This was accompanied by continuing insults on social networks and the spreading of false accusations. These actions have raised concerns and anxiety among some KT players. The org is afraid this situation will negatively impact the organization in the long run.

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K enlisted several South Korean laws, which were potentially violated. They are about to go to the police if the threats continue. Their rival organization, T1, put out a statement, condemning fans' behavior.

There's no place for this type of behavior in our sport. There is a fine line between fandom and fanatical – this crosses the line. This behavior should not be normalized. No team should have to deal with this. I hope everyone at KT stays safe and finds the person responsible.

Joe Marsh, T1 CEO

KT Rolster are currently competing at LCK 2022 Summer. After 10 rounds, they have an equal score of wins and losses, placing sixth. If they keep this position on the scoreboard, they will make it to the playoffs.

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