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League of Legends' next champion Nilah gets first trailer with gameplay

League of Legends' next bot laner champion Nilah reveal trailer was presented on the game's official YouTube channel. The video featured a short cinematic and the heroine's gameplay.

As rumored before, Nilah is an Arabic-themed character somewhere out of Runterra. She uses water-based abilities and a whip as her primary weapon.

The gameplay parts revealed hints of Nilah's skillset with auto-attack block and a watery circle that may be her ultimate. Overall it seemingly fits previous leaks by Big Bad Bear.

Here are next League of Legends bot laner Nilah details: leaks and rumors, abilities, first image and release date
When is Nilah out?

There was no official confirmation of her abilities, but we should expect a follow-up from Riot Games in the following days. Nilah should probably go on the PBE server soon after that and is likely to come out with patch 12.13 on July 13.

Nilah date reveal teased on League of Legends short video

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