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Nilah date reveal teased on League of Legends short video Video

Riot Games teased the next League of Legends champion Nilah with a short video. They promised to reveal something about the heroine on June 17. The announcement came on the game's official Twitter.

The footage revealed a person hidden in the mist with dimply glowing. The model visually fits her previous leaked image. You can also see the whip. "From distant shores, tomorrow," states the description, confirming what was said in Nilah's very first description. The water theme and other visuals also fall in line with previous reports.

If the announcement will happen tomorrow, we may see Nilah on PBE as soon as Wednesday. Previously, insiders said Nilah will likely be released with Patch 12.13. In this case, we should expect her on July 13.

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When is Nilah out?

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