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Unicorns of Love close their LCL roster, all players enter free agency

Unicorns of Love released all Russian players from their Eastern European League of Legends roster. This decision came with uncertainty about the LCL’s future in the face of continuing military actions in Ukraine.

Alexander "NoNHoly" Ovchinnikov, Alexei "Phlaty" Lemeshchuk, and Alexander "Lekcycc" Leksikov became free agents. The club specified that their release is the best chance for the Russian players to find a new team in Europe ahead of the Summer split.

Finn-Lukas "Don Arts" Salomon moved to UoL Sexy Edition, who are competing in the German Prime League 1 Division 2022 Summer. UoL's Head coach Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant and AD Carry Artyom "Shiganari" Pervushin also moved there earlier.

UoL’s latest roster was revealed in November 2021. The squad played four matches in LCL 2022 Spring before the split’s cancellation. The Summer tournament is still awaiting its announcement, and chances are it won’t happen at all due to the geopolitical situation. Previously, Riot canceled VRL 2022 CIS Milestone Stage 2 in Valorant for the same reason.

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Unicorns of Love former squad

  • Alexander "NoNHoly" Ovchinikov
  • Finn-Lukas "Don Arts" Salomon
  • Alexei "Phlaty" Lemeshchuk
  • Artyom "Shiganari" Pervushin
  • Alexander "Lekcycc" Leksikov
  • Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant (coach)

LCL 2022 Spring LCL 2022 Spring



NoNholy NoNholy

Phlaty Phlaty

Lekcycc Lekcycc

Don Arts Don Arts

Shiganari Shiganari

Sheepy Sheepy

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