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Evil Geniuses leaves MSI 2022, RNG to grand final

Royal Never Give Up hammered Evil Geniuses in the semi-final of Mid-Season Invitational 2022. The bo5 series ended with a difference of 3:0.

The first game can be summarized by its final score. A lone kill for Jojopyun became a consolation prize against the Chinese 22 kills during a 35-minute game. The second one started as a closer match, with EG having a slight gold lead by its middle. But in the end, even the teamfight victory didn’t let NA prevail.

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On the decider, RNG rapidly accumulated a significant 9k gold lead. At the 25-minute mark, their advantage was reduced to just 3k thanks to EG's Kyle "Danny" Sakamak's four kills. But what seemed as a shine of light for NA was soon buried by RNG's executions.

Evil Geniuses leave the tournament with $25,000 prize money and additional 10% sales cut. RNG moved to the grand final, but since they are playing the tournament remotely from China, the crowd won’t be able to enjoy the grand final in full.

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Another MSI semifinal happens tomorrow, May 28, at 10:00 CEST. G2 Esports will try their chances against Faker’s T1 in front of Korean fans.

Mid-Season Invitational 2022 is staged from May 10-29 in Busan, Korea. It features 11 teams from all over the world. The tournament's grand final will take place on May 29.



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