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G2 tops Rumble stage at MSI after breaking T1 undefeated run in 2022

G2 Esports won their match against T1 in the opening match of Rumble Stage at Mid-Season Invitational 2022. This loss marks the end of Faker's team winning streak that was lasting since the Worlds 2021 semis.

T1 had a 5,800 gold advantage before the 20-minute mark but it all went to nothing after several team engagements against G2. Europe appeared stronger in team fights and was victorious by the end of the game.

After beating Korea's best team on its home soil, G2 prolonged their own undefeated run by beating none other than RNG. This way, Europeans became group leaders on the first day with a 2-0 score. The last time they lost a match was in the LEC 2022 Spring playoffs.

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In other matches of the first day, EG beat Saigon Buffalo but lost versus RNG. T1 also ended on a positive note and defeated PSG Talon.

Mid-Season Invitational 2022 is taking place in Busan on May 10-29. It features 11 teams from different regions. RNG is competing remotely from China because of the COVID lockdowns at home. LCL didn't send a team to MSI because of the league canceling due to the Ukrainian geopolitical situation.

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