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"I will remake all of Runeterra". Riot Games teases previously leaked champion Bel’Veth

Riot Games released two teasers on their official League of Legends YouTube Channel under the names "to the Eye of the Void" and "to the Prophet of the Void". They hint at some mysterious personality that is about to "remake all of Runeterra" effectively leading to "the end of everything".

I am the Void. Your watchers are incapable of understanding. I am the Void, and I will remake all of Runterra.
My Prophet, your empress has arrived. Witness your reward: the end of everything.

These teasers supposedly forecast the addition of a new champion Bel’Veth. The heroine’s name, role, and abilities were previously leaked. Her descriptions match these teasers as there are mentions of the Void in her skills and her ultimate summons some kind of a swarm that is also present in the videos.

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