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New League of Legends champion Bel'Veth abilities leaked Video

League of Legends' next champion Bel'Veth got a premature disclosure of her entire kit and abilities. The video with the description was published by Big Bad Bear on YouTube. It's worth mentioning that this is not a final version, and that her abilities may be changed on release.

  • Passive — Death In Lavender. Enemies (champs, big monster camps, epic monsters, siege and super minions) drops a "thing" when die. Bel’veth can collect these to stack her passive. This passive forms a swarm based on the stacks. It grants her lifesteal against jungler camps. If she attacks a turret or epic monster, she sends her swarm to it, damaging it and healing her. It consumes all stacks.
  • Q — Void Surge.

    Passive: Bel'veth has an "arrow" in 4 directions.

    Active: Bel'veth dashes, dealing damage and slow. It procs her passive to passed enemies while in Endless Banquet. When she damages a champ, big monster or epic monster (in the direction of the arrow) with her dash, it is fully restored to cast again. Using against small monsters/minions in the direction of the arrow, it restores 40% of Q cooldown.
  • W — Above and Below. Bel'veth goes underground for a short time, gaining move speed and going through walls. In the end, she unburrows, dealing damage and knocking up all enemies in the area. While in Endless Banquet, she becomes untargetable, and grants a short stun after the knockup.
  • E — Royal Maelstrom. Bel'veth starts channelling a vortex, during it, she can't move and pull all enemies to her, damaging them for each second. While doing it, she receives less damage. She gives back a % of all damage she received from the attackers (like thornmail). While in Endless Banquet, this deals a % of true damage over a second, her damage reduction is higher, and at the end, she can explode its area.
  • Ultimate — Endless Banquet. Bel'veth turns into her true form for a while, buffing all her skills. She gains HP, MR, Armor and Damage. While transformed, collecting (passive stack) heals Bel'veth for a % of hp. She uses all her stacks to form a swarm, damaging enemy champs nearby. The swarm dies after some time, but it can be renewed by killing champs.

It is currently unknown when Bel'Veth will be added to the game. Earlier, Riot's lead producer of champions, Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, stated that the new hero will be "an elegant jungler from the Void".

Leak: Bel'Veth will be new LoL champion

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