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League of Legends patch 12.9 features new challenges system, Taliyah and Olof reworks

Riot Games released full 12.9 patch notes for League of Legends. The update will go live in the game on May 11. The main innovation of the patch is the new Сhallenges system.


Сhallenges are the achievements that can be done in the game. They were added for additional fun and as an another form of progress for all types of players. Challenges include things like killing 3 Barons in a single game, getting a pentakill, or other accomplishments.

Challenges track your overall progress within League across a ton of categories. Build your legacy through over 300 unique Challenges that celebrate the champs you've mained, modes you've conquered, plays you've made, stuff you've collected, and more.
Show off the Challenges you’re most proud of with Titles and Token. You can see how you measure up in your region with regional leaderboards — now you can finally hit Challenger in something. No matter how you play, there's a Challenge for you.

Riot Games official announcement

Taliyah and Olaf received their promised reworks. Other heroes received significant changes, especially Renekton and Pyke. All changes remained the same from the preview of the patch.

Previously, Riot Games revealed first details of patch 12.10. The update will become a serious overhaul for League of Legends with increased durability and recovery. You can learn about it here.

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