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Riot Games demands wearing masks during MSI games, removes the ruling after backlash

Riot Games reportedly told Mid-Season Invitational 2022 teams about a new rule requiring them to wear masks at the event all the time. Evil Geniuses' support Philippe "Vulcan" Laflamme revealed this on Twitter and confronted the rule.

EG's head coach Peter Dun soon followed his tweet with his own. He expressed a similar argument and reminded Riot that LCK 2022 Spring finals weren't required masks.

Found out this morning that Riot are going to insist on all teams at MSI wearing face masks on stage at the venue in Korea even during games. This is not in the rule book for MSI. Even KR and CN playoffs had players maskless during games (and you have to wear before/after).

On a team with multiple people who wear glasses, which will get fogged up in a high humidity studio environment, this kind of notice is absurd.

35 ping I'm not 100% in favour of, but I understand the logic and we were given a month to prep. But come on.

Peter Dun, EG head coach

Official MSI Rulebook doesn't require participants to wear masks during games. There is, however, room for interpretation because Riot stuff can demand it anytime.

Team Members must wear masks at all times when outside the team lounge, except on stage or when otherwise directed by Riot staff.

Official 2022 MSI rulebook.
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After a while, both Dun and Vulcan revealed that Riot Games reversed this rule. Players of the first MSI game have been spotted on the live stream without masks.

Mid-Season Invitational 2022 is being held in Busan, Korea, on May 10-29. Eleven teams from all over the world fight for $250k and in-game sales share. COVID-19 already affected the tournament as Chinese representatives from RNG couldn't leave their country and had to compete remotely. Because of it, all the teams are forced to play with a 35ms ping delay.

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