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Washington Post: TSM employees describe working with CEO Reginald as constant fear of firing and anger outburst

New details on TSM and Blitz CEO Andy "Reginald" Dinh's scandal emerged in the Washington Post's lengthy article. Mikhail Klimentov interviewed the company's employees, who shared some light on Andy's toxic working style. One of the cases described employees "feeling hunted" after the Valorant First Strike loss.

One of the attendees of the aftermath work meetings said Andy "verbally tore down" the speakers and even called irrelevant the work they've done on his appointment.

Andy has obviously always had a short temper. But that day you could just tell [something was different] because it was like he was hunting you. Like, if you talked during that meeting, you were just reamed and ripped apart as much as possible, especially if you were even higher up.

TSM employee
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Some former workers spoke openly while others preferred being anonymous. Because of this and other cases, many employees started to avoid speaking to Dinh or bringing him any bad news. Personal meetings at Blitz seem to become an especially unpleasant experience.

Nobody wanted to be in a one-on-one meeting with Andy because you had no witnesses. I mean that literally. Who knew if Andy was going to scream or yell at you, degrade you, be friendly, or just be confused or inquisitive? You weren't sure what Andy you were going to get. But the more people on the call, the more likely Andy wasn't going to be a complete volcano.

Anthony Barnes, a former senior program manager at Blitz

People were often fired without a clear reason after Andy's outbursts. This is how one of the former employees described CEO firing a newly acquainted HR specialist:

That was when Andy told the whole company that the HR person was let go because he asked a question that Andy didn't like. I think he kind of realized how ridiculous it sounded, so he followed up by saying, "Well, he asked two questions that I didn't like." No one wants to ask any questions after that.

Former TSM employee
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TSM stated that they started their own "independent investigation" that Andy cannot affect.

As we stated publicly late last year, upon learning of allegations against Mr. Dinh, TSM immediately hired an independent investigator to begin a thorough internal investigation. Andy recused himself from any oversight of the scope, nature, and conclusions of the investigation. Those results are pending. Until finalized, we can't comment on specifics.

TSM official statement for Washington Post

This investigation started after the 2021 scandal with many TSM workers accusing Dinh of bullying and verbal abuse. The fuse was lit by former TSM star player Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, who described Andy as a "bully who gets away with being a bad person because he's powerful" on a live stream. With that said, Reginald's temper and personality were at the center of discussion constantly for the 10 years of his reign in TSM.

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