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Swain receives hotfix a day after rework in League of Legends

Riot Games released a hotfix to Swain in League of Legends. The changes were announced by the developer TheTruexy on Twitter.

Swain received a base stat boost just a day after his mid-scope update was released. TheTruexy reasoned that the champion came out weaker than expected.

Swain's changes

  • Base armor increased from 23 to 26
  • Base move speed increased from 325 to 330
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New Swain became available in patch 12.8, which was released on April 27th. The champion had a partial rework of all abilities to make him more relevant in the current meta. You can find the full list of changes here.

Earlier Riot Games announced another mid-scope update. They changed most of Taliyah's abilities buffing her Q and E while nerfing early roaming and burst damage.

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