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Edward Gaming Worlds 2021 skins have been leaked Photo

Edit: Riot confirmed the leaked art on April 23.

Edward Gaming League of Legends World Championship 2021 skins art appeared on the net. The image has been leaked by DailyAphelios Twitter.

The possible leak shows five champions chosen by EDG players. They are represented in black and white club colors. Riot didn't comment on the leak or confirm if the image is real, but similar Worlds skins leaks happened before.

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Edward Gaming players' picks

In the Worlds 2021 grand final, Edward stopped DWG KIA on their way to the second back-to-back title. The Korean-Chinese squad came back after losing 1:2 and won the trophy.

It's unknown when the skins will be released, although there's a chance we will see them during Mid-Season Invitational 2022, which will run in May.

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Worlds 2021 Worlds 2021


Scout Scout

Meiko Meiko

Flandre Flandre

Viper Viper

JieJie JieJie

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