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Worlds 2020 finalist allegedly wanted to poison his team after someone stole his water Rumors

Chinese community is discussing a scandal involving Worlds 2020 finalist Tang "huanfeng" Huan-Feng, who is currently playing for Weibo Gaming. His former girlfriend accused him of verbal and physical abuse, but also mentioned that huanfeng wanted to poison his teammates.

According to her now-deleted post, ADC noticed that somebody have stolen his water. He then sent her a message explaining what he was about to do.

F*ck, my water disappeared. I turned around and noticed that Fenfen had my bottle on his desk. I always noticed my water disappearing for no reason... [...] I don't want to not talk about it, it's stupid. These things make me tired. I'll be honest with you, and if I buy rat poison. I'll wait until they fall asleep, I'll turn off the surveillance camera and I'm gonna put some rat poison in it. Poison these f*cks. Pesticide can do the trick too.

Tang "huanfeng" Huan-Feng. Source:

Fenfen answered her with a picture of 10 boxes of water bottles addressed to WBG with the caption "no words". He was coaching Suning with huanfeng from June to November 2021.

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Worth noting that Huanfeng's girlfriend was accusing him at the end of 2020. She said that he was cheating on her and posted photos of him flirting with other girls. Because of the scandal, ADC decided to skip 2020 LPL All-Star.

Huanfeng was playing for Suning Gaming for two years. His career peak happened at Worlds 2020 when the team reached the grand final and lost to DAMWON Gaming 1:3.

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