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Flakked: "Some of the G2-2019 members have told me that the Asian teams choke on stage" Interview

G2 bot laner Victor "Flakked" Lirola answered some questions for Esportmaniacos channel. The interview was conducted in Spanish. Translation of interesting moments appeared on Reddit, made by Comfortable_Soil_222.

[On the title celebration]

I'm incredibly hungover. I'll never listen to Jankos again in my life, he kept giving me shots.

[On the hate around Flakked's signing by G2]

I don't care, in this last month, I decided to stop reading Twitter because I started getting unjustified hate. Obviously, it feels good [to prove them wrong] but I'm mainly happy to prove to myself capable of doing well at this level.

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[On Caps performance]

I think it's true that caPs had some games that are not up on par with expectations during the regular season but it's happened to all of G2 players, especially me. In general, our regular season was pretty bad because we didn't have an identity as a team; we played more towards the top lane and I was sometimes left alone. Although I think it was a communication problem of mine, I felt difficult to ask for the needed resources.

[On EU chances at MSI 2022]

I don't know because I've never played in an international tournament. It's true that T1 are favorites on paper, but you don't know until you get there and play. Also, some of the G2-2019 members have told me that the Asian teams choke on stage, I don't know.

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[Would Flakked take a chance to play in LEC with a weaker team?]

I was approached by G2 and obviously, I didn't hesitate. But when I was in MAD Academy, I haven't won anything. if Astralis invited me, I would have gone for it. I don't think going to Astralis, not winning a single game, and getting kicked out would've ended my career. What I would've done in that case, is get Rank 1 and look for good offers in ERL. So, I would probably be better off than I was before I went to the LEC. At the end of the day, LEC gives you great exposure.

[On Dylan Falco]

He's a machine. Maybe he hasn't been on top of me as much as other coaches I've had in the past, but he's one of the best. I think if we won it's largely because Dylan is obsessed with the draft. Every day we spend 3/4 hours talking about the drafts. After every game, after dinner, he tells us champions to try in SoloQ for the scrims... I think these playoffs we were playing drafts that we had practiced, that we liked and that we felt comfortable with. It gave us confidence, we had the feeling that, if we were even at minute 15, we couldn't lose.

[On the ADC meta]

It made me sick to play the same three champs all the time. I don't know who was the rioter that killed Zeri but he's my biggest enemy. I understand when they put out champions with kits like that it's hard to balance them out, but now she's a Soraka, she heals instead of doing damage.

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[On Ocelote's role within the team]

Ocelote is always overseeing everything. He watches all our scrims. Also, Targamas and I had a bad time after the massive throw against MSF and he was talking to us to fix it. He always brings a lot of good energy.

[On the G2 synergy]

I think we have good personalities within G2. I'm shy at the beginning, but when I get confidence, I'm a joker. BB, Caps, and Jankos like to joke too. Targamas is maybe a bit more reserved, but I think our personalities fit very well. We did a lot of things together to improve the synergy like playing sports together (we play a lot of volleyball).

We have a "rule" to do everything together, like going on stage or catching some air. When we play sports we try very flashy things just to have the mental edge over the opponent. I think it was noticeable against FNC. They were very separated; one went to the toilet, another one went outside to catch some air, another one was in the backstage room, another one was alone on stage picking up his stuff... I think those little details make the difference when the duels are evenly matched. if I win, I want us to be together to calm down. But above all, if I lose, I want us together talking about what has happened and encouraging each other...

Victor "Flakked" Lirola
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G2 won LEC 2022 Spring and qualified for Mid-Season Invitational 2022. Their run in the playoffs started with a loss from Fnatic. After that, G2 smashed the bracket, beating every opponent 3:0.


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