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G2 have their own "Death Note" on the leg of the team's mascot. Faker is next Video

G2 Esports removed another opponent from their improvised "Death Note". They chose an unusual place to keep the list as it appeared on a leg of the team's mascot during the official broadcast. G2 struck out Rogue after defeating them in the LEC 2022 Spring finals.

Teams from G2's "Death Note"

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After a shaky start and a loss to Fnatic, G2 cruised through the playoffs beating every listed team with a 3:0 score. In the grand final, G2 defeated Rogue to advance to Mid-Season Invitational 2022.

Next on the list is T1. Seems like the European club considers Koreans their main opponent for the upcoming MSI 2022. Faker's team dominated this split in LCK, winning it without dropping a series. The tournament will be held from May 10 to 29 in Busan, South Korea. 11 world's best teams will compete for $250k.

G2 won LEC 2022 Spring and returned to MSI for the first time since 2019

LEC 2022 Spring LEC 2022 Spring

MSI 2022 MSI 2022

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