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LGD mid laner Jay is under investigation for alleged match-fixing

LPL started investigating LGD's Chen "Jay" Bo for a potential match-fixing. The player allegedly lost two games on purpose in LPL 2022 Spring split.

The suspicions were raised after a Weibo post. An anonymous account created on April 4 leaked the chat screenshots showing Jay's conversation on the matter. These logs mention two instances of the potential match-fixing: a game against BLG on March 20 and an unspecified match with Top Esports.

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There's another LGD member who could be helping Jay in this case. Mid laner calls him a 'teammate that will help' with losing the match.

Source: Weibo User6199419983. Translation: @sgbros1_OW on Twitter

In addition to LPL, the club started its own investigation. LGD finished the season in the 16th place with a score of 3-13.

LPL had match-fixing problems before. In 2021, the local disciplinary commission banned 38 players and coaches from the LPL and its development league.

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