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T1 won their 10th LCK title in history. Team hasn't lost a match in LCK Spring 2022

T1 have won the LCK Spring 2022 finals over Gen.G Esports 3:1. Team claimed their 10th championship in the regional league without losing a single match in the whole split.

Team's jungler Moon "Oner" Hyeon-joon became an MVP of the match. He played on Nocturne, Diana, and Viego, and finished the series with 20/7/25 KDA.


Faker: "Vex can have priority as long as you don’t make a mistake"

Overall T1 won 20 matches in a row. Their split map win/loss stat is 42 to 8. Earlier they became first squad winning the regular season without dropping a single series, 18 to 0, and claimed multiple records.

The Spring Finals were held on LAN in Seoul in LoL PARK. For their win T1 earned $164,566 and an invite to Mid-Season Invitational 2022, while Gen.G claimed $82,283.


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