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2022 LPL Spring playoffs postponed due to COVID-19

Riot Games has postponed the 2022 LPL Spring playoffs because of the "current Covid situation" in Shanghai. Tournament organizers announced the decision on Twitter.

The league will continue remotely on April 8. The finals date will be announced later. In the original schedule, it was planned to take place on April 10. LPL caster later clarified that only April games will be postponed due to lockdown in Shanghai. The rest of the matches in March will be played as planned.

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COVID-19 also affected competition in the LCK Spring 2022. Fredit BRION got a def loss because its main roster and two of the academy players were tested positive. After that incident league organizer has allowed infected players to participate in the playoffs remotely.

The situation with COVID-19 in China influenced Dota 2 as well. On March 28 Perfect World has announced that the Chinese DPC league is going to be paused because of lockdowns.

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