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Vitality survive in the series versus EXCEL and will face G2 in their next LEC playoffs game

Vitality managed to clutch a victory over EXCEL in their first playoffs match of LEC 2022 Spring. It was the first-ever playoffs game for the British side, and they nearly made the Cinderella story come true.

Rogue and Fnatic made it to the LEC upper bracket final

XL looked well during the first three maps. They could even take the second one as they had a significant advantage after the early game. Unfortunately for them, a way more experienced Vitality could get themselves together just when they needed it. There was absolutely no doubt which team was better on the fourth and fifth maps. The last one might be the best the 'Dream Team' played this season so far.

In the next round, Vitality will face another start team G2 Esports. Follow every LEC game live at Escorenews.



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