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Zanzarah: "Fnatic should win LEC 2022 Spring playoffs. I think they will be the best representatives of the region" Interview

Astralis jungler Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov shared his opinion on LEC 2022 Spring playoffs in a podcast with Russian talent Artem "Starky" Starkov. According to Zanzarah, the best outcome for the European region will be Fnatic's victory.

It is worth mentioning that the podcast was recorded before the start of the playoffs.

Fnatic should win LEC 2022 Spring playoffs. I think they will be the best representatives of the region at MSI, according to what I have seen before. I hope they will improve and not fall apart yet again. I don't think Rogue will be the champions. They only have a few strats. Fnatic got the same issue, but they are more open to it.

Speaking about Vitality, it will be a miracle if they will be through to the latest stages. My favorites are Fnatic and G2. I prefer Fnatic over G2 as they got better bot lane.

Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov

[Zanzarah on Astralis' future]

As far as I know, three of us are staying [Zanzarah, Dajor, Kobbe]. But you'll never know. <...> I don't know if there will be tryouts. The organization wants it while some players do not.

Team practices start one month before the Summer split. The tryouts might start in two weeks. <...> I think they start after the end of EU Masters 2022 Spring. I hope we will consider the players from this event.

Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov

[Zanzarah on roster changes in MAD Lions]

I am the one who thinks that you need one year to learn if the player is good. I think that MAD Lions will not make substitutes. They are doing the work for the long run.

Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov

Zanzarah plays in Astralis since LEC Spring 2021. He never made it to the playoffs. This split, Astralis finished in last place.

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