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All players of Fredit BRION tested positive for COVID-19. Academy team to play versus T1

Every member of Fredit BRION League of Legends roster was tested positive for COVID-19, including the coach and head coach. In such a manner, the organization was forced to call up their academy team to play two upcoming games of LCK Spring 2022.

On March 13, BRO is facing T1 themselves, who haven't dropped a single bo3 series this season so far. The first team's jungler Um «Umti» Sung-hyeon, will be the only one who will end up his quarantine before the match versus Gen.G on March 16. That is why the academy team will most likely play this game too.

This can be crucial for Fredit BRION as they keep fighting for the playoffs spot, and it is unlikely that their academy team can fight the two best teams of the league right now.


BRO Academy roster to play the match vs T1:


LCK 2022 Spring LCK 2022 Spring

T1 T1



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