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G2 ended the first round of the LEC Summer split with a negative score line

G2 Esports are going on to suffer serious problems this League of Legends competitive season. After finishing only third at the LEC Spring Split, they risk missing Summer Split playoffs!

This spring, for the first time ever, G2 or Fnatic didn't play in the LEC/EU LCS grand final. Fnatic underwent changes, transferred Bwipo to the jungle, and picked young talent Adam for the top lane. These substitutions helped them to feel good in the current split (6:3 in the first round).

G2 decided not to change anything and going on showing shaky games. In the match versus Misfits, they led around 10 000 gold but then made a serious mistake at the Elder drake that cost them a game. Therefore, they ended the first round with the score line of 4:5 and risk not qualifying for the playoffs.

G2 vs Misfits gold swing

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2021-08-29 16:05:00 MAD Lions won LEC 2021 Summer
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