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For the first time, G2 or Fnatic will not play in LCS or LEC grand final

The Spring Split of League of Legends European Championship 2021 brought the most sensational results in the history of local pro-LoL. After their second lower bracket match, Fnatic are out of the event as they lost to Schalke 04 without taking a single map.

G2, in their turn, lost their upper bracket game to MAD Lions and then were beaten by Rogue. The score lines of both matches were 1:3.


Therefore, this is the first time in the history of LCS EU and LEC when either Fnatic or G2 are not in the grand final. Until 2015, Fnatic played in every grand final. Then G2 entered the league and also became one of the leading title contenders. Moreover, G2 have not lost a single Split since EU LCS transformed into LEC.

The grand final between MAD Lions and Rogue is scheduled for April 11, 17 CEST.


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