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League of Legends 11.4 full patch notes are here

League of Legends patch 11.4 is gearing up to be an incredibly big one, as Riot will be looking to bring in a significant amount of changes to the Jungle; to Champions as well as to a lot of the Mythic Items.

The jungle will be getting a lot of nerfs this time around, and no more will the meta favor AFK farming champions who just want to sit back and farm up a storm in the neutral camps. Proactivity on the sidelines and ganks will be preferred once League of Legends patch 11.4 goes live.

Kai’Sa, Katarina, and Samira will be receiving a lot of tweaks as well, and while for Katarina it’s a buff, Kai’Sa and Samira are set up for some nerfs.

Items will be tweaked as well to balance the game's competitive play state, and those with self-healing passives will be targeted for the time being.

11.4 full patch note

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