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League player discovers a bug that increases Darius’ passive damage

A League of Legends player discovered a bug affecting Darius’ passive, which deals more damage than intended due to an extra tick.

The player showcased the bug in action. After retreating from a team fight with five stacks of Hemorrhage from Darius and 320 health, the player took three ticks of damage and expected to be safe from harm from the remaining tick. But an unexpected fifth tick occurred and killed the Akali in the process.

According to the description of the ability, Darius’ passive is applied for five seconds, with damage dealt every 1.25 seconds. Based on this, there should be four ticks of damage.

There are two theories on why this happens. The first one is that there could be a hidden fifth tick that applies leftover damage that wasn’t applied during the normal duration of the buff due to various runes, such as Last Stand.

The second theory suggests that because Darius can refresh the debuff, a fifth tick might exist to make up for the missed passive damage during its normal duration. So instead of taking double damage during a certain number of ticks of the passive, players might take normal damage throughout the first four ticks and then the remaining damage as a hidden fifth tick.


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