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CoreJJ achieved first place on the NA ladder ranked

Team Liquid’s Korean support player Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in achieved first place in the NA ladder ranked. Twenty-six-year-old player reported this on Twitter.

CoreJJ is one of the most famous support players in the world. In 2016, he reached the World Championship final, but his team Samsung Galaxy didn’t manage to beat SKT as the Faker’s side took over 3:2. Yong-in took revenge one year later when Samsung Galaxy stomped SKT in the decisive match 3:0.

After one more year in the Korean league and last place at Worlds 2018 group stage, he decided to move to NA. He joined Team Liquid in November 2018. CoreJJ won LCS two times with his new team but could not qualify for the World Championship play-off stage. Two times in a row, Team Liquid stayed on 9-12 place.

After six games of LCS Spring 2021, Team Liquid has only three wins. Their next match vs Golden Guardians is scheduled for February 19.


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