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Broxah had his US visa approval

A danish top laner Mads «Broxah» Brock-Pedersen had his US visa approval and will now join Counter Logic Gaming. The twenty-year-old player announced this on Twitter.

I’m back, and for once I actually have good news for all of you. You not gonna believe it, I barely believe it, because it’s finally happened. My visa has not only been approved, but I received it about thirty minutes ago. I feel so happy and so relieved. I am really excited to join my team and cannot wait to travel. It was a rough one, but I remained positive. It feels so good.

Mads «Broxah» Brock-Pedersen

Broxah debuted at the pro scene in 2016. He played for Fnatic for three seasons in a row and won LCS EU two times but decided to join Team Liquid for 2020. With his new team, he took only ninth place at LCS 2020 Spring but managed to qualify for Worlds 2020 after finishing third at LCS 2020 Summer Playoffs.

Broxah can debut for CLG on February 19, when his team faces Cloud9. It seems that Counter Logic Gaming needs the reinforcements as they won only one game out of six this season so far.


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