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Josedeodo on FlyQuest’s LoL roster: «We are a project for the future»

Argentinian jungler for FlyQuest Joel «Josedeodo» Villegas shared his thoughts about the start of League Championship Series 2021 Spring Split. After the first six matches, the organization affiliated with the NBA team Milwaukee Bucks occupies seventh place with the scoreline of 2-4. As he told DotEsports, his team lacks just a couple of wins for the confidence boost.

Josedeodo is a newcomer in LCS as the twenty-year-old junlger has only played in Latin America until 2021. With his team Rainbow7, he managed to win LLA 2020 Closing Playoffs and took part in the World Championship 2020 play-in stage. He pointed that he feels the big difference between levels of play in Latin America and NA.

The biggest difference [between LCS and Latin America] is that here, all the players are super good at the game. All the teams know how to play the game, and you can’t disrespect any team because they will all punish you. In Latin America, that doesn’t happen that often. If you made a mistake, other teams won’t punish you because they didn’t know how to.

I do believe that getting these early wins is very important for us because we are a project for the future. It’s really good for us to get these wins because it’s important for our players’ mental. We still have a lot of games to play, but getting these wins is really important. I do believe this team only needs one good week. At this point, we can get to the good teams during some games. As long as we’re improving upon certain’ll see us improve from week to week.

Joel «Josedeodo» Villegas

FlyQuest took second place at LCS Summer 2021 Playoffs and secured their spot for Worlds 2020. In Shanghai, they finished in top-12 and could not qualify for the play-off. After the season, all players transferred from FlyQuest to other American teams, and the team gathered a completely new roster.



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