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Smolder guide: skill order, tips, best runes, items, counterpicks. How to play Smolder, new League of Legends ADC dragon

In early 2024, League of Legends will have a new AD carry named Smolder. The baby dragon will become the 167th champion in the game. In this guide, we'll figure out how to play Smolder, what items and runes he needs.

Smolder's abilities

Smolder's skills are ideal for the ADC role. The character has abilities for survival and explosive damage, which helps in different situations. The main feature of the little dragon is its infinite scaling due to its passive skill. The character continues to improve even after he gets all the items and reaches the maximum level.

Dragon Practice (passive)

Smolder gains stacks for killing units with Super Scorcher Breath (Q) or hitting enemy champions with any ability. These stacks increase the damage to his basic skills and change how Q works.

It is the passive that allows Smolder to infinitely improve. While laning, try to hit several opponents with your skills. Or you finish off minions with Q if you can't engage in a positive damage exchange.

Super Scorcher Breath (Q)

Smolder fires a fireball at the target. The skill has three tiers, depending on the passive's number of stacks. At 25 stacks, the skill damages everyone near the main target. At 125, it creates additional projectiles that hit two more adjacent opponents. At 225, it increases the number of bonus balls and sets an opponent on fire. Each rise in tier slightly changes the champion's appearance.

Q is Smolder's primary source of damage, so it should be maxed first. Try to gain stacks for skill boosts as soon as possible to inflict maximum damage on your opponents in team fights.

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Achooo! (W)

Smolder sneezes flames, slowing enemies and damaging them. When hitting a champion, the skill creates an additional explosion.

This skill allows you to support your allies in a team fight, chase opponents, or slow down champions that attack you. While laning, always try to hit two targets with Achooo! to get more passive skill stacks.

Flap, Flap, Flap (E)

Smolder briefly flies into the air, increasing his movement speed and flying over the obstacles. At the same time, he spits fire at the enemy in the affected area, prioritising champions with low health.

This skill will help the dragon close the distance or survive in a dangerous situation. Using this ability, you can overcome almost any wall on the map. The skill has a high cooldown, so try to use it wisely.


Smolder calls his mother for help, who releases a huge wave of flame, damaging enemies. Those in the center of the area are slowed down and take additional damage. Fire also heals Smolder in the affected area.

It is the most powerful spell in Smolder's arsenal. This ability will help you achieve your goal or survive in difficult situations. Try to hit multiple targets with your skill, as it also grants passive skill stacks.

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Smolder's skillbuild order

The first step is to fully learn Q, since the skill's cooldown is significantly reduced and its damage is significantly increased. The next one to max is W, which has a reduced cooldown. We traditionally take the ultimate out of turn, and then finish off E.

Smolder Runes

There are two sets of runes that fit Smolder. They are mainly aimed at increasing the character's damage, mana regeneration and survivability. The last minor rune is a choice between additional armor or magic resistance, depending on the lane opponents and their setup.

Items for Smolder

In Season 14, players have maximum variability when choosing their items. Therefore, there is simply no best build for Smolder. The character is quite dependent on mana, so don't exclude Manamune, while other artefacts can be easily changed to suit your style.

Smolder Countericks

Smolder is a fairly versatile ADC, so there are no clear counterpicks against him. The hero is pretty weak in the early stage of the game, so you can try to destroy him with the help of Draven or Samira. Also, try to take tank supports with a lot of control against the character to prevent the dragon from free-farming stacks. Since the new champion is at its best in the late game, other hyper carries like Kog'Maw or Jinx would be a good answer.

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