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When does Essence Emporium start in 2023? On what date Blue Essence shop will return in LoL, what deals can it have

Active League of Legends players always get a lot of excess Blue Essence. And it's hard to think what to do with it. The only good answer is to buy stuff and earning Mythic Essence in Essence Emporium. Let's figure out when Essence Emporium will start in 2023 in League of Legends.

What is Essence Emporium

It's a special temporary shop, where players are able to trade their Blue Essence for various items.

When does Blue Essence Emporium start in 2023 LoL

Usually in the past Essence Emporium was activated two times per year. It was mostly happening at the start of season, and around its middle. But the last time Emporium was turned on in June 2022, and after that it was announced that it's going to be "reworked".

On March 17 2023 the developers announced when Essence Emporium will be available in 2023. It will come back during summer, but the exact dates are not yet known.

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Possible dates for return of Essence Emporium in 2023

There are 6 patches planned on summer of 2023. Their release dates are listed below. The Emporium will be turned on with one of the updates. Most likely, it will be working for two weeks as usual.

  • 13.11 — 1 June 2023
  • 13.12 —14 June 2023
  • 13.13 — 28 June 2023
  • 13.14 — 19 July 2023
  • 13.15 — 2 August 2023
  • 13.16 — 16 August 2023
  • 13.17 — 30 August 2023

What will be in Blue Essence Emporium deals in 2023

The final content list is announced close to opening the shop. Most likely, you will be able to trade Blue Essence for Mythic as usual, and purchase icons, emotes, and other cosmetic items. The only thing that was consistently in every Essence Emporium is URFWick skin for Warwick.

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How to earn Mythic Essence with Blue Essence in Emporium

To trade Mythic Essence for Blue, you need to buy expensive emotes in the shop. You will get your Mythic Essence together with your purchase of emotes. Most likely, with one buy you will get around 10 ME.

Approximate contents of Essence Emporium deals 2023 Chromas

This is what EE had last time:

  • Mystery Icon Box — 1500 BE
  • Chromas (excludes Limited/Legacy/Seasonal chromas) — 2000 BE
  • Mystery Minis Icon Box — 2500 BE
  • Baron Hat Poro Icon — 4000 BE
  • Mystery Ward Skin Box — 4900 BE
  • Essence Collector Ward Skin — 6000 BE
  • Make It Rain Emote — 50 000 BE
  • Money Bags Emote — 75 000 BE
  • URFWick Skin — 150 000 BE
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