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League of Legends Darkin Assassin champion Naafiri details and leaks: rumored ability kit, lore, art, and release date

The next League of Legends champion after Ixtal enchanter will be Darkin Assassin somehow related to dogs. Supposedly, she will be a midlaner. As the leaks and rumors continue to arrive, we will update this article to provide you with all the details.

Appearance and lore

On January 9, Riot Games revealed Darkin Assassin's name. The champion is called Naafiri.

During the champion introduction, the game designer Ryan "Reav3" Mireles used multiple dog puns when describing this upcoming champion. The message was hard not to notice, which most likely means that the heroine will be dog-related or look like one.

Insider Big Bad Bear asked some artists to imagine the character's appearance. The sketches supposedly used his insides as the inspiration, hence the melted dagger in every picture. Overall, he said that she should look like a dog or wolf inspired by Monster Hunter: Rise. It was also he who revealed that Darkin Assassin would, most likely, be female. Here are the results of their experiment.

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Darkin Assassin Role

According to Big Bad Bear, the upcoming champion is an AD midlaner. Apparently, Darkin Assassin has "some scaling in AP (similar to Varus) but AD suits her better."

Skill kit and abilities

Once again based Big Bad Bear's inside, the Darkin's Assassin's basic ability will have an execute mechanic, which will be depending on the target's missing HP.

Another ability should have some kind of "resistance ignore." The insider warned that these rumors are highly unconfirmed, so you should take this part with a grain of salt.

Release date

So far, little is known about the Darkin Assassin release. She was supposed to come out before the Male Enchanter but the developers swapped their release at some point. In a Reddit thread, Reav3 stated that the Ixtal Enchanter will come out after the Ahri ASU (Art and Sustainability Update) and Aurelion Sol rework, somewhere in the middle of season 13.

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