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Next LoL tank top laner K'Sante details: leaks and rumors, abilities, lore and release date

The next League of Legends champion will be K'Sante, "The Pride of Nazumah," a top lane tank with a high skill ceiling and unusual weapon, coming in November 2022. We've put all the details and rumors (especially the spicy one featuring Lil Nas X) in one place and will update the article with new information later.

This material will be updated with new information when it will arrive.

K'Sante's lore, appearance, and weapon

So far, there was no image of this champion. According to Big Bad Bear leaks, K'Sante may look like a muscular black male. The insider thinks that the top laner might as well be a gay person. His guess is based on a deleted Tweet by Riot Product Manager Lexical. When asked about MLM (Men Love Men) future characters, she said, "It might be closer than you think."

The upcoming champions are a male enchanter from Ixtal and a Darkin Assassin. The former will have an unknown or not specified orientation, while the latter seems to be female. This leaves us with K'Sante as the only candidate if only Lexical didn't mean something else.

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K'Sante is from the city of Nazumah, which is based in the desert oasis. Local folks have to defend this place against monsters, and our champion has slain one of the biggest enemies, earning his name. He has a blunt weapon that is also a shield. Made out of the monster's regenerating hide, it can shatter into blades and then regenerate back during a fight.

The city of Nazumah. Credit: Riot games

Lil Nas X presige skin and possible voice acting?

The famous singer Lil Nas X was spotted visiting Riot's office recently. Nobody knows the reason for his visit, it may be soundtrack or voice acting. He might not look "tanky enough" for that role, but otherwise, the black gay superstar is, no doubt, a perfect fit for this task.

Lil Nas X allegedly visiting Riot's office. Source: Big Bad Bear

Riot Games confirmed that Lil Nas X will perform the Worlds 2022 anthem, and also announced a new "Prestige Empyrean K’Sante" skin. It will be out on November 3, unlockable until November 14 with 2,000 Worlds 2022 Tokens. By the way, you can already listen "Star Walkin" track, following by the link below.

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K'Sante's abilities

There are no specifics about his abilities. We can guess that his mechanics will revolve around his unusual weapon transformations. He will probably have strong regeneration abilities. We know that K'Sante will be a "hard to master" champion, at least, that's what was promised by Riot.

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Release Date

K'Sante should arrive during the offseason and be the first out of three promised characters. There are two patches planned after the conclusion of Worlds 2022, dated November 16 and December 7.

Male enchanter from Ixtal and Darkin assassin will follow K'Sante in 2023. Note that the initial champions' release order plan was different, but it was supposedly "flipped," so the Ixtali will come out first of the two.

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